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Warhawk Review

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Review written by Playstation4.net staff member Klark Byrd

Warhawk is a game that strives to bring every aspect of war to you, the gamer, in your living room. While there are some places this game could use some more work, there are many more where it excels and delivers a solid gaming experience – one that’s also quite addicting. There may be some gamers that are turned off by the not-so-realistic graphics of the game, but in time, that passes and soon they’re experience the thrills that come with outrunning missiles, shooting down Warhawks and tossing grenades at the enemy.

There is no single player for the game, it was designed from the ground up to be a multiplayer online experience. However, it does accommodate split-screen two player when playing online (providing the server you are connected to allows it) so that you and a buddy can team up to take out the bad guys. One of most popular online games is capture-the-flag, although zones remains high on the popularity list. Then there is always the team deathmatch and deathmatch aspects to go along for the ride. Once you hop online and get connected, one of the first things you’ll want to do is hop into a Warhawk. These jet-type planes can help turn the tide of war, but missile locks and anti-air support help balance the playing field for those of you who might be new to the game. The lack of a single player aspect to the game means new players have to learn how to play the game while getting their butts kicked by the more experienced players. The learning curve for playing as a soldier, driving a tank or 4×4 or even flying the Warhawk isn’t as steep as it looks, and a lot of that is due to intuitive gaming controls. It took me no time at all to adjust to the controls, but it did take a few days to become proficient enough at flying that I could do so without immediately getting shot down.

The ability of the Warhawk to fly like a jet or hover like a helicopter makes the machine extremely nimble. While you might find it difficult to outrun a missile lock, it’s quite easy to lose the missile when flying close to the ground or through many cavernous regions located on the maps. Every once in awhile, a missile will hit you without a warning, but the warning is a very important thing to use when a missile is locked on to you. It will tell you how many missiles are locked on and when they reach a certain range, it will tell you how close they are to you. The closer they are, the more you might want to think about releasing a chaff to throw them off course. Dogfights are only one aspect of this massive online gaming experience. I’ve had the most fun driving across the map in a tank, which can take a Warhawk out in one shot (providing you can hit it) and destroying enemy strongholds to gain a zone. If the tank is a little too slow for you, try driving the 4×4. If you pick a passenger, they can man the machine gun mounted on its rear and do their best to destroy mines ahead or shoot down Warhawks tailing you. If driving and flying isn’t your thing, there are plenty of weapons for the ground soldier including binoculars for air strikes, sniper guns, assault guns, grenades and a flame thrower.

Warhawk was refreshed for long time players when developers released two add-on packs available over the PSN. One is Broken Mirror and the other is Omega Dawn. Both packs are available in one download and it includes the new flying vehicle called The Dropship.

You don’t even need a disc to hop on to Warhawk. The game is also available over the PSN for $39.99. The add-on booster pack with both maps and dropship cost $11.99. Considering there is no single player, as time goes on and more players leave the battlefield, the game will eventually lose it’s appeal, but there are still plenty of players occupying plenty of servers.

Just remember not to give up hope when you hop in a Warhawk and fly into a mine. We all went through it at one point in time, so keep flying and fighting and your badges, medals and ribbons will continue to add up.

8.5 out of 10