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PS4 to Get HBO GO Soon

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HBO has partnered with Sony to bring HBO GO to the PS4 and PlayStation 3.

“With the HBO GO app on your PlayStation system and an HBO subscription via your cable or satellite provider, you’ll have unlimited, on-demand access to your favorite HBO shows,” Sony’s senior vice president of business development, Phil Rosenberg said.

The app will carry exclusive on-demand content that’s not available through your cable provider. Content can be accessed in any room that has a console hooked up.

No release date for the HBO GO app has been announced for the PlayStation 4, but Phil Rosenberg promised it would be available to download “soon”.

2K Games Bringing Evolve To PS4

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The original Left 4 Dead creators, Turtle Rock Studios, are bringing a new game to the PlayStation 4 in fall 2014.

Evolve is a team shooter that pits four players as hunters going against a fifth player, the monster. The hunters will be in first-person view and the monster will play in third-person. There will be several monsters to choose from with each having their unique moves and specialties.

Evolve will be powered by Crytek’s CryEngine and preorders are now accepted for the game. 2K Games are giving away the Monster Expansion Pack to those who preorder the game.

PES 2015 Confirmed For PlayStation 4

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Konami confirmed on Twitter that Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 will be available on Sony’s PS4.

It is possible that PES 2015 will be a PS4 exclusive game since Konami did not mention Xbox One in their tweet. PES 3 was the last game released exclusive to Sony’s PS2.

When asked about if PES 2015 will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, their response was “We don´t really have any information about it at the moment, but we´ll keep you informed.”

PlayStation Now Brings Streaming To The PS4

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Fans have expressed their displeasure that the PS4 is not backward compatible with its sibling the PlayStation 3. Sony has listened to its fans feedback and announced at the Consumer Electronics Show PlayStation Now, a cloud service that allows gamers to stream PS3 games to the PlayStation 4.

“PS Now will deliver a variety of popular PlayStation®3 (PS3™) game titles*1 first on PlayStation®4 (PS4™) and PS3 systems, followed by the PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) system.”
PlayStation Now will be powered by Gaikai that Sony purchased in 2012 for $380 million.
If you own the disc or digital-based games from the PlayStation, PS2, and PS3 you will have to repurchase the titles on the PS4.
PlayStation Now will launch in the US this summer and there will be a service charge similar to Netflix.

Sony Reveals PS4 Sales At 4.2 Million

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PlayStation boss Andrew House revealed during Sony’s keynote at CES 2014 the current sales of the PlayStation 4.

The PS4 debuted in North America on November 15 and in Europe on November 29. It has expanded to 52 countries and territories worldwide. Current sales to date for the PS4 console are 4.2 million and 9.7 million for retail and digital PS4 software sales.

House commented: “The momentum of the PS4 system keeps getting stronger and we couldn’t be more thrilled gamers worldwide are enjoying the incredibly immersive gaming experiences along with deep social capabilities and entertainment provided by our network. After a remarkable launch, we look forward to bringing even more exciting content and continuing to explore the power of the PS4 system by adding new features and services, including PlayStation Now, in 2014.”

In comparison the Xbox One which released a week later has current sales of 3 million units.

Daylight Horror Game Comes To PlayStation 4

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Zombie Studios announced that Atlus will be publishing new horror game Daylight for PlayStation 4 in 2014. The game was previously only announced for the PC.

Daylight will be built on Unreal Engine 4 and will have randomly generated environments each time a user enters a room so that no two experiences are the same.

The story features a woman who is trying to escape a building by using clues and her cell phone.

Sony Clarify Reports On PS4′s RAM

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Sony has put to rest the speculation on PS4’s RAM. Reports have suggested flexible memory is 512MB and developers are guaranteed 4.5GB for development.

•”Direct Memory” is memory allocated under the traditional video game model, so the game controls all aspects of its allocation

•”Flexible Memory” is memory managed by the PS4 OS on the game’s behalf, and allows games to use some very nice FreeBSD virtual memory functionality. However this memory is 100 per cent the game’s memory, and is never used by the OS, and as it is the game’s memory it should be easy for every developer to use it.

PlayStation 4 Won’t Get Yellow Light Of Death

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PlayStation 4 was passed by the FCC and the retail version could be sold to the public if Sony chose to. It was revealed that the PlayStation 4 could end the infamous Yellow Light of Death. The PS4 operating temperature is between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius, compared to the PS3 running at 45 to 55 degrees Celsius, and if it peaks to over 60 degrees you would get the Yellow Light of Death.