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PES 2015 Confirmed For PlayStation 4

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Konami confirmed on Twitter that Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 will be available on Sony’s PS4.

It is possible that PES 2015 will be a PS4 exclusive game since Konami did not mention Xbox One in their tweet. PES 3 was the last game released exclusive to Sony’s PS2.

When asked about if PES 2015 will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, their response was “We don´t really have any information about it at the moment, but we´ll keep you informed.”

Daylight Horror Game Comes To PlayStation 4

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Zombie Studios announced that Atlus will be publishing new horror game Daylight for PlayStation 4 in 2014. The game was previously only announced for the PC.

Daylight will be built on Unreal Engine 4 and will have randomly generated environments each time a user enters a room so that no two experiences are the same.

The story features a woman who is trying to escape a building by using clues and her cell phone.

Spearhead Games Brings Puzzle Game To PS4

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From the people who brought us Assassin’s Creed III and Dead Space 3, Spearhead Games will be bringing a new title to the PS4. The game they’re working on is a co-op puzzle named Tiny Brains.

Players can choose “four super-powered animals” locked in a lab that “have to work together to solve puzzles and escape from a mad scientist’s experiment.”

More details on Tiny Brains will be revealed during E3.

3 Games To Be Announced With The PS4

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Sony’s major announcement that could reveal the PlayStation 4 is coming in two days. Developers have revealed possible hints of three games that will be announced with PlayStation 4.

One of the games is Killzone 4 as we previously reported last week, which will follow up from Killzone 3.

The creators of LittleBigPlanet, Media Molecule will be showcasing their game. It is not clear if it will be a new franchise or a follow up to LittleBigPlanet.

The last reveal will be a new Motorstorm game. Evolution Studios drop a hint on Twitter saying “10 Days!” which places their announcement on the 20th.


Killzone 4 Will Release On PlayStation 4 This Year

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Killzone 4 on PS4

VideoGamer.com sources have indicated that Killzone 4 will be released on PlayStation 4 later this year.

Killzone 4 is currently under development at Guerrilla Games, and is expected to be revealed during Sony’s major announcement on February 20.

Sony has a reputation of announcing Killzone when new hardware is available. A trailer for Killzone 2 was released during the announcement of PlayStation 3. Killzone: Mercenary was also in development for PlayStation Vita at the time of the announcement for the handheld.

Ubisoft Confirms Playstation 4 Game Development

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ubisoft developing playstation 4 game

In a press release from Ubisoft this week, the company confirmed that it has already started development for Playstation 4 games and indicated a possible release date for PS4 in 2013.

“From a longer-term perspective, WiiU’s progression and the arrival of the next generation of consoles, combined with the strong momentum in the Free-to-Play model for PC, mobile and tablet games, will enable us to capitalize on the investments we have made in recent years,” said Yves Guillemot, the chief executive officer of Ubisoft.

“These developments will cement Ubisoft’s positioning as a creator of successful brands with a growing expertise in new online models and services,” he continued.

Could Battlefield 4 Debut On Playstation 4

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battlefield 4 on playstation 4

According to Chiphell, a source from EA China has revealed what could be the first confirmed Playstation 4 game. According to the report Battlefield 4 will be out on the PS4 and current-gen on October 23, 2013.

If this report is true gamers will be able to play 32 vs. 32 matches, three factions to choose from and option to play as a female soldier.

Translated version from NeoGAF has the full details:

■ Coming October 23rd, 2013
■ Will be on PC, PS3, Xbox360 and next-gen consoles
■ Will be one of the first games for next-gen consoles
■ Commander system comes back
■ Profile can be linked with other devices like iPad
■ Auto login, need internet all time, support cloud saves
■ Easier to pickup the game, to take care of players from CoD
■ Support body and voice control for this commander system
■ Better battlelog integration and better stats reporting
■ Supports video playback and sharing
■ Have gem store for dlc and other stuff like that
■ 3 factions: Russia, USA and China
■ Can deploy female soliders
■ Frostbite 2.0 engine
■ PC, PS4 and Xbox 720 will support 64 players, but 360 and PS3 will be less
■ PC, PS4 and Xbox 720 will provide 60 fps
■ Already have a demo video internally within EA
■ Matching the quality of BF3 already
■ BF4 will use 80% of power of frostbite 2, wheras bf3 only 30-40%
■ Modern story background

The information revealed also “confirmed” The Witcher 3″ and Cyberpunk 2077 for Playstation 4. Take caution with this information as it is purely a rumor at this time.

Sony Having Trouble Balancing PS4, PS3, and PS Vita

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PS4 games

Reports have surfaced that Sony is struggling with balancing the development of PlayStation 4 games and its current console games.

“We do have a challenge to manage [the next generation of consoles], particularly in terms of dev studio resources,” said PlayStation UK managing director Fergal Gara.

“The more platforms you have, and the amount of rich content you have to deliver on all the systems you are supporting clearly puts pressure on decisions made across the studio network, which is something we are battling with.”

PS4 is expected to support 4K playback and with Sony’s recent acquisition of Gaikai the PS4 could offer cloud-based streaming service.

Company Behind Max Payne Already Working On PS4 Game

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remedy working on ps4 game

Remedy Entertainment, the company behind Max Mayne and Alan Wake, said that the PS4 is “a quantum leap” over the current consoles.

Remedy has already begun work on the PlayStation 4 and promise gamers the technology is far beyond what the PS3 can offer.

“One wonders all the time,” said Oskari Hakkinen, head of franchise development. “Can the new consoles really be that much better than the previous? Rest assured: they are, it is a quantum leap.”

Hakkinen confirmed that he haas already assign “a relatively small team on a next-generation project.”


Sony Liverpool Was Working On 2 PS4 Games

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sony liverpool working on ps4

Eurogamer has reported that Sony Liverpool was working on two PlayStation 4 games prior to the company being shut down earlier today.

The company was developing a stealth-based title similar to Splinter Cell that would of utilized motion capture technology.

The other game was a new WipEout title that was said to be ‘dramatically different’ to previous entries. WipEout for the PS4 was in development for 12-18 months.

This news confirms that developers have been at work on the PlayStation 4 and the release of the PS4 could be sooner than we expect.