Release Date

Sony has not commented on a release date for the PS4. Historically a new console from Sony has been released every six years. PlayStation was released in 1994, PlayStation 2 was released in 2000, and PS3 was released in 2005. With the lack luster sales the PlayStation 3 experience during launch and every console sold up until April 2010 resulting in a loss for Sony, the six year plan was cancelled. The manufacturing cost per unit for a PS3 was around $805, which lost Sony between $225 and $305 per unit sold.  It isn’t uncommon for consoles to sell at a loss as manufacturers make up the difference through game prices and additional components like controllers, while waiting for the component pricing to inevitably drop, but the costs were higher than anticipated. By comparison, the Xbox 360, which sold at a loss of around $100 per unit when it debuted, quickly began to see a profit of $75 per console within a year and a half of the its release.

According to Sony, the PlayStation 3 was built to last for the very least 10 years. This also holds true for its predecessor the PS2, as it was released in 2000 and twelve years later Sony continues to support the console.

Analysts are predicting the PS4 will be revealed at E3 2013 and available for households in 2014.

We here at have predicted the PS4 release date to be in 2016. Our theory behind the release date is the ten-year life cycle the PS3 (released in 2006) will have which places a new console in 2016. Sony is not in a rush to launch a new console as it took the company four years to profit from the PS3. It would not make a good financial decision to launch a new console when the PlayStation 3 is just starting to gain ground for the company.

Sony’s Vice President of Hardware John Koller said in an interview that Sony is not looking to its competitors when it comes to making decisions. Xbox 720 is rumored to launch in 2013, and as Koller stated it will not force Sony’s hand to release the PS4.

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