PS4 Sales Expected To Underperform

Sony has dominated the gaming industry over the past 12 years since the PlayStation 2 was released in 2000 which to date has sold over 154 million consoles, and more than 62 million PlayStation 3s since 2006. However, Piper Jaffray analysts Michael Olson and Andrew Connor said they expect the PlayStation 4 to not be as successful.

Sony’s PlayStaton 4 (codenamed Orbis) is rumored to be released in 2013. The analyst predicts that the PS4 will underperform the first 14 months of its release date by 53 percent.

Mobile games and social games are expected to continue to have a huge impact on software sales.

“We believe console gaming will continue to be a time-share donor to social networks, mobile games, and tablets. We therefore favor companies with increasing exposure to social/mobile gaming, including Zynga and EA.”

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One thought on “PS4 Sales Expected To Underperform

  1. Cruzer

    Why build a new platform if they know that the new ps4 isn’t going to do well
    Also I think that they should rethink the rock band it did very well even I had the set and loved it if anyone wants to respond too it feel free

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