PS3 Gaming Blowout Clearance Next Week

Best Buy will be having another “Gaming Blowout” clearance on August 12 for PlayStation 3 games and hardware. An employee leaked information from a sale ad.

The Darkness II – $14.99  Sorcery – $14.99  Skylanders 3-Character Pack – $14.99  The Black Eyed Peas Experience – $9.99  Rayman Origins – $9.99  Street Fighter IV 3D Edition – $9.99  Rocketfish 4 port Charging Station for PS3 – $4.99  Playstation Move Shooting Pistol – $4.99  160Gb Playstation 3 – $229.99

Also rumored PS3 games to go on sale are:

Uncharted Dual Pack  Uncharted 3 – Read our Review!  Batman Arkham City  UDraw “Something or Another”  Resistance 3  AC Brotherhood

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