PS4 Pre-Order

The PlayStation 4 pre-order is not available at the moment. When the PlayStation 4 is available expect a short supply similar to PlayStation 3 around its release date. Hundreds of thousands of people will be lined up several days before the PlayStation 4 is released to get their hands on the next-gen console.

We at will make it easier for those interested in buying the PlayStation 4. We will post the best prices and pre-order opportunities for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 games, and PlayStation 4 accessories. We will have an advanced system setup for our visitors that will list each store that receives a new PlayStation 4 shipment immediately so that you can get your hands on a PlayStation 4 and don’t have to drive around town checking in at every store to see if there is a PlayStation 4 available.

The retailers that are expected to have the PlayStation 4 available are GameStop, Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, Circuit City, and Brands Mart.

To guarantee a PlayStation 4 it will be best to pre-order the console once a retailer accepts the PlayStation 4 pre-orders. will keep its visitors updated with retailers who are accepting pre-orders and how many they have in stock. However be careful when pre-ordering a PlayStation 4. If you’re in the middle of the list you may not receive your PlayStation 4 until a month after launch.  Every retailer will have a limited supply of PlayStation 4′s. With the high demand of PlayStation 4 it will be impossible for Sony to provide enough PlayStation 4′s on launch day for all fans to buy.

The PlayStation 4 will be coming and we will be the best resource for information, news, deals, and pre-order opportunities.


Leave a comment with a valid e-mail address to receive instant notification when the PlayStation 4 is available for pre-order. We will not send any e-mails until retail stores have announced the PlayStation 4 pre-order is available.

110 thoughts on “PS4 Pre-Order

    1. Marcos Escobar

      Im freaking out! Ive been to so many stores and either they dont have it or they are out of stock -.-

  1. DavO

    here is a die-hard playstation fan… haven’t played since somebody stole my ps3 from my house, but i am patiently waiting for what sony will come up with next. i wanna be the first one on it

  2. Matt

    Its probably just rumors. Look at the info its all the same on every site with a few added things here and there also is next to no info about the actual system just pics tht cud eaisly be fan art and the info is just about how Sonys sold the PS3 and nothing besides the release should be in about a year.

  3. Brian

    To be honest, I hope they don’t have a PS4 coming out any time soon. I really think that the PS3 still has a lot of potential, I don’t believe an upgrade is needed just yet. The PS3 is still in its prime, and highly supported by Sony when it comes to games, downloads and updates with the PlayStation Move and 3D aspects being pretty new to the system. I think a PS4 release would be a bit awkward since the PS3 is still doing very well, and getting constant updates hardware and software wise. A revision to the Playstation 3, like they did for the slim? That would be cool. A new console altogether? Not necessary, yet.

  4. Angel

    please I need a play station 4 console for my boy for Christmas its all he wants please let me know when and where I can get one thank you

  5. Tallie

    I would like to know where ps4 is available when it comes out or more shipments come in around Yankton, SD!!! Or if any stores open back up the pre-order. When I called they had all stopped :( Looking to get this for my hubby for x-mas!

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