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Battlefield 4 Patch to Arrive Tomorrow on PS4

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Sony Computer Entertainment’s vice president of marketing John Koller recently spoke out about Battlefield 4′s server problems on the PlayStation 4.

Battlefield 4 had issues during its launch on all platforms, however the PS4 received the larger amount of problems. DICE has postponed expansion packs and future projects until the issues have been resolved.

Issues gamers are having are frame rate drops, rubber-banding, a lack of player damage, and a “desynchronized game world.”

“Let me answer this higher above ‘Battlefield 4′ because it’s not fair, I think, to focus just on that. But in general, when these kinds of situations occur we work very closely with the publisher,” Koller said.

“I’m not saying that’s happening specifically with ‘Battlefield’ but in general when there’s network issues or any issues related to gameplay we work very closely, because it reflects on the platform as well. We want it solved just like the publisher wants it solved so we generally work together.”

PS4 patch for Battlefield 4 should arrive tomorrow.

PS4 Launch Price Could Be $430

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According to a Japanese newspaper the PlayStation 4 will cost around $430 (40,000 Yen), which would be $69 cheaper than when the PS3 was launched.

The report claims Sony is feeling the pressure to meet year-end demand in Japan and America and will release the PS4 in 2013. This report further back up a previous claim that the next-gen console won’t be available in Europe or India until 2014.

The Europe PS4 launch price could be 430 Euro, and would have the Indian price at RS 30,000.

There is another Japanese report that says the PS4 will have expanded network functionality and include social sharing features.

PS4 concept art

PS4 Controller Possibly Revealed

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Sources with knowledge of both next-gen consoles have said the PlayStation 4 will be more powerful than the next Xbox.

The PS4 will come with a DualShock 3 shaped controller with a touch pad similar to Vita, which can detect two-point multi-touch and “clicked” for an additional input button. The new controller will have improved tilt correction and feature vibration. PlayStation 4 controller will have an RGB LED light in it and a share button, which we are assuming would allow gamers to upload their experience to social networks.

Sony’s Teaser Trailer Hints To PS4 Announcement

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Sony revealed a teaser trailer that hints for a major announcement on February 20. The trailer invites everyone to “See the Future”.

All signs point to a PlayStation 4 announcement, though nothing has been confirmed.

This would be a strategic move from Sony as there is a good chance Microsoft is planning to reveal the next Xbox at E3. With an early reveal of the PS4, it will allow Sony to get a head start on Microsoft and will allow for them to showcase PS4 games at the June event.

Stay tune as we will have full coverage of Sony’s announcement.

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Coming On September 4

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EA confirmed that Battlefield 3: Armored Kill will be released on September 4.

PS3 Premium members will have the first opportunity to download the DLC, and a week later it will be available on Xbox 360 and PC. Non-premium members will have to wait until September 18.

Armored Kill will offer new tanks, ATVs, mobile artillery, four new maps, and the Tank Superiority Mode.

Sony Liverpool Was Working On 2 PS4 Games

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Eurogamer has reported that Sony Liverpool was working on two PlayStation 4 games prior to the company being shut down earlier today.

The company was developing a stealth-based title similar to Splinter Cell that would of utilized motion capture technology.

The other game was a new WipEout title that was said to be ‘dramatically different’ to previous entries. WipEout for the PS4 was in development for 12-18 months.

This news confirms that developers have been at work on the PlayStation 4 and the release of the PS4 could be sooner than we expect.