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Battlefield 4 Patch to Arrive Tomorrow on PS4

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Sony Computer Entertainment’s vice president of marketing John Koller recently spoke out about Battlefield 4′s server problems on the PlayStation 4.

Battlefield 4 had issues during its launch on all platforms, however the PS4 received the larger amount of problems. DICE has postponed expansion packs and future projects until the issues have been resolved.

Issues gamers are having are frame rate drops, rubber-banding, a lack of player damage, and a “desynchronized game world.”

“Let me answer this higher above ‘Battlefield 4′ because it’s not fair, I think, to focus just on that. But in general, when these kinds of situations occur we work very closely with the publisher,” Koller said.

“I’m not saying that’s happening specifically with ‘Battlefield’ but in general when there’s network issues or any issues related to gameplay we work very closely, because it reflects on the platform as well. We want it solved just like the publisher wants it solved so we generally work together.”

PS4 patch for Battlefield 4 should arrive tomorrow.