Introducing Peckerciser

The world's first at-home penis exercise kit.

Do you have a skinny, limp penis? Does your penis look like it's been skipping leg day? Are you sick and tired of your penis looking sick and tired?

Fret not! Our Peckerciser has been scientifically designed to pump up your pecker like never before. The days of a frail, weak looking penis are soon to be behind you. Our complete kit comes with a 1-inch Mini Flashlight and Peckerciser - Simply utilize the included flashlight to find your hidden, disheveled pecker; place the Peckerciser over the tip of your penis and clench your butt cheeks tightly to initiate "lift". Start with high reps, low weight and be careful to avoid over training. If you're experiencing dizziness or sore testicles be sure to discontinue use IMMEDIATELY.

Working out just twice a day with our patented genital dumbbell will increase your confidence as you inch your way towards your goals. In just two weeks, you will feel the effects of your new found power, allowing you to rise to any occasion. Be the type of man they erect statues for, not the type of man that constantly gets the shaft with Peckerciser.

Provide an address anywhere in the world & we’ll send them the Peckercise for only $9.99.

Perfect surprise for Tim, the guy from work who overcompensates for everything. This is for Austin, the douche bag man with the jacked-up truck. Great idea for that friend with the unexplainable jealousy and rage. Send it to James, the guy who is obsessed with his appearance. Or perhaps you just want to fuck up someones day.

Small Penis Syndrome

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